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Pain relief without surgery

Back pain, neck pain and other pain conditions are difficult to endure. Pain can lead to low mood, poor sleep, and affect our work and social life. People in pain tend to feel alone and helpless, and yet are afraid to seek help. We aim to give you pain relief without surgery, with minimal downtime, and minimal reliance on medications.

Dr Thor Timothy, a pain doctor/pain specialist in Singapore with Novena Pain Management Clinic, will help you to make sense of your pain, and partner with you to explore your options. These include simple medications, exercise and minimally invasive procedures. Nucleoplasty may be suitable for disc herniations/protrusions, and radiofrequency ablation procedures for pain from facet joints.

We are Medisave accredited and on the AIA panel, AXA, Aviva, Prudential panel, GE panel, NTUC income panel, Bupa panel among others.

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Back pain and Neck pain: when should I see a specialist?

  • Back pain that lasts for more than a week
  • Pain that shoots down the arm, leg or buttock
  • Weakness in the arms or legs
  • Numbness and tingling sensation
  • Weight loss without reason
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control

How to treat back pain?

  • Try non-opioid medications and physiotherapy first.
  • Have a balanced diet and consider supplements like fish oil.
  • Establish goals and have a time-frame
  • Consider pain injections and procedures if pain persists before it becomes too chronic
  • Open surgery can be very effective, but has with higher risks.
  • Consider non-surgical pain injections in the frail with medical problems or the elderly.
  • Outpatient pain procedures like radiofrequency treatments and nucleoplasty are also suitable for the busy adult, with little downtime.
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Pain conditions

Pain conditions may be chronic or acute, and can involve joints and muscles, or nerves.

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Pain Treatments

Non-surgical pain treatments are used to treat nerves, joints and muscle.

Pain Specialist doctor based in Singapore

Dr Thor Timothy is an Anaesthetist and Pain Specialist based in Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital Singapore who will partner with you to get you better. Find out more here.

Dr Thor Timothy Anuntapon Chutatape, pain specialist in Singapore, pain doctor in Singapore, AIA specialist panel, AXA panel, Great Eastern specialist panel, NTUC income specialist panel, Prudential specialist panel, Bupa panel Specialises in pain relief with without surgery, radiofrequency ablation.

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Pain doc by Dr Thor Timothy A Chutatape is part of Novena Pain Management Centre based in Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital and Farrer Park Hospital. You can contact us here, or simply drop us a WhatsApp or SMS text.