Navigating your way through the fog of pain

There are days when it feels impossible to get out of bed as you feel that you hardly rested at all. You blame the pillow that has gone too flat and gave you a neck-ache. You give death-stares to the snoring partner whom you swear is a bear in a human costume. You feel like setting your Egyptian cotton blanket on fire as its thread-count is too low to adequately conduct away your body heat thus contributing to your insomnia. You feel like switching off and tuning out and drowning the alarm that is going off on your iPhone but you can’t because waterlogged phones are not covered under AppleCare which you spent a bloody lot of money for.

You hate your job regardless of whether you have to go out of the house in a suit or simply put on a presentable top while donning boxers for that zoom meeting. You struggle with the meaning of life as you stare at the person with imperfect complexion and eyebags and berate him or her for not being good looking enough to be you.

But you are simply human. Only too human, and perfect just the way you are. You may be doing it all wrong, saying all the wrong things and thinking like someone with a borderline personality disorder. But you are perfect, wonderful, and truly awesome. And it is when we forgive ourselves for our shortcomings and accept ourselves as we are that the “block” towards overcoming our pain is removed, and that chronic pain gets a bit better. And the same goes for your relationship with the bear beside you.

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