Freedom from pain should allow you to run towards your goals

There are a lot of different pain management options out there. These include medications, physiotherapy and massage, pain procedures and open surgery. We are all different, and different modalities of treatment work for different people. The key thing is that whatever helps us with our pain should enable us to move closer to our goals, be it in terms of overall fitness, or the ability to enjoy a sport or exercise that we love, or simply to spend time playing with our loved ones. Freedom from pain should not be sought as an end in itself, but should be seen as road that enables us to get to where we really want to go.

If the medications that we take help reduce the pain but just cause us to be “zombies” and totally numbed out, and if having a surgery improves pain but leaves us stiff and unable to do what we love like hit hairy green tennis balls or shoot some basketball hoops, then we should consider other options.

Be free from pain, and be able to do what you love.

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