Trigger Point Injections

What is a trigger point injection?

This is an injection that aims to relieve muscle pain most commonly over the arms, legs, lower back and neck. It is used in cases such as fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndromes, as well as in certain kinds of headaches. Injections into trigger points can sometimes alleviate pain by removing the pain generator/source of the pain.

What are trigger points?

Trigger points are tender areas in your muscles that you can sometimes feel as “knots”. These are hypersensitive areas, and sometimes addressing pain in these areas can lead to a resolution of pain there and elsewhere.

How is a trigger point injection performed?

The trigger point or area of tenderness is identified by the doctor. He will then clean the area with some antiseptic solution and then inject a solution into the area, usually a mixture of local anaesthetic and steroid. A few such trigger point injections can be performed at the same sitting, and will take a few minutes for each trigger point.

What are the risks involved with the trigger point injection procedure?

The risk is very low. Occasionally there is bleeding or infection that is usually self-limiting. There might also be temporary numbness or increased pain for a few days.

What should you do after the procedure?

You should stay active but should not over exert yourself in the following few days after the trigger point injection.