Greater Trochanteric Block

What is a greater trochanteric block used for?

A greater trochanteric block is used for pain that arises from greater trochanteric bursitis. This is experienced as pain on the outer aspect of the hip and buttock and runs down the leg. Greater trochanteric bursitis is due inflammation of the bursa (a fluid filled pouch that cushions joints/tendons) around the greater trochanter.

How is a greater trochanteric block performed?

A greater trochanteric block is done as a minimally invasive procedure that takes about 15 minutes. Some sedation may be given and a thin needle is placed under X-ray or ultrasound guidance into the greater trochanteric bursa. A mixture of local anaesthetic and steroid solution is given. You may go home after resting half an hour in the recovery.

Image from orthoinfor AAOS

How well does a greater trochanteric block work?

You may have immediately pain relief from the local anaesthetic that goes away in a few hours. After that the pain may return for while before the longer duration pain relief from the steroid takes effect in 2-3 days. The block may work from weeks to months and can be repeated.